Anna Dumitriu

BioArt Revolution
Exploring groundbreaking events in microbiology, science and technology through art

BioArt Revolution is a visually stunning and ground-breaking exhibition of artworks by internationally renowned British BioArtist Anna Dumitriu which explores our relationship to science and biomedicine at a time when we face rapid and revolutionary changes.

This breath-taking and beautiful exhibition weaves together alchemy, and the history of science and medicine, with cutting-edge research in biotechnology, and robotics including CRISPR DNA modification and neural networks. Dumitriu’s strange and affecting artworks are created hands-on by the artist both in the lab and in the studio and can be seem as sublime relics of her transdisciplinary, laboratory-based practice. She works with an extensive network of scientific collaborators across the world.

Her obsessions with the history infectious diseases, medical ethics, antibiotics, and genomics, speak urgently to the concerns of wide audiences and create an emotionally affecting experience that addresses issues of both global and local relevance, important to everyone.

The exhibition includes sculptures and installations made using bacteria, DNA, altered vintage objects, 3D printing, textiles and digital technologies.

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